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Current Wait List: April 2018

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Reserve your Flash v1 bike today with a non-refundable down payment of just $500. We'll bill the remaining balance before we ship your bike. See below for details.

Product Details

All of our built-in power, safety, security and intelligence features come standard with every bike. All you need to choose is the color.

  • 500 watt geared rear hub motor powered by 36V internal battery.
  • Grip throttle and pedal assist with five levels of control (0-4) and a top speed of 28 mph.
  • Safety: high-intensity LED headlight, brake light, turn signals, 360° running lights, electric horn.
  • Security: movement-sensitive alarm, mobile alert notifications and remote GPS tracking.
  • Intelligence: Keyless touchscreen operation, turn-by-turn trip navigation and remote check-in on battery and security alert status.
  • Bluetooth and cellular wireless connectivity.
  • 3G/LTE cellular wireless connection included with no extra fees, account subscription or setup required.
  • 36V/2A Lithium-Ion Battery Charger included.
  • Mobile app (iOS/Android) available as free download.

Down Payment Details

  • Add this bike to your cart and complete your purchase, and you will be charged a $500 down payment plus applicable tax.
  • The remaining balance ($1,499 + shipping) will be billed at a later date, and is due prior to fulfillment. We will not ship your bike until we receive full payment.
  • Shipping to contiguous United States is $150/bike. $500/bike for HI/AK.
  • Your $500 down payment is non-refundable after 5 days from your purchase date.
    Within 5 days of purchase, you may cancel your order and we will refund your down payment in full. After 5 days, you may cancel your order any time before we ship your bike and forfeit your down payment. If you cancel your order after paying the remaining balance, please see our refund policy for further details on cancellation fees.

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Game Changer

This bike is the greatest thing I've bought in years, tech wise, bike wise, well, anything-wise. Incredible. Beautifully designed and a whole lot of fun! And amazing customer service. Keep it up!

I agree the pedal assist is a little punchier than the usual ebike. It jolts you ahead rather than assists. Is this a firmware adjustment? Not a huge problem, just a note. Otherwise, again, amazing bike experience!

Nice, nice!!

1. The way bike was packaged and protected— wow!! Some parts had up to 3 layers of protection!!
2. App set up was a breeze - cool looking ( almost same as my Tesla )
3. Did few shorts rides - all working as expected

An Awesome Experience

Was part of the first batches of orders. Received my bike 10 days before they were supposed to start delivery, so was obviously pleased and excited to see it coming so early.

Packaging was great. easy to open, and the how-to videos to put the bike together were incredibly clear. it took 15 minutes. (One advice, place the front wheel carefully and double check that your calipers are not touching the disks. if it does as you rotate the wheel, take it out and put it back in. it is simple but worth a double check as you mount it).

Built and Design
The bike itself is really well put together. feels solid, nothing is loose. and most importantly, it looks great (while riding, many people stopped me to ask what this bike was). I was surprised by the weight and was expecting the bike to be much heavier. living in NYC, CitiBikes are non-electric and weight about the same!
the screen on the bike is great, simple, and the lock works great. Also, the front and back lights are super bright!

I live in New York and commute every day to work from Brooklyn to midtown: 7.4 miles, with the Brooklyn Bridge (morning) or Manhattan Bridge (evening) in the middle. The bridges are the reason I wanted an e-bike, so I don't arrive in the office sweating all over.
Simply speaking, I can now ride the bridge with no sweat. and people are surprised to see me zipping through as I ride with pedal assist.
Pedal assist is a little surprising at first if you haven't used an e-bike before. My assumption is that it would just make pedaling easier, but it feels like it works a little differently (maybe the tech is no quite there yet?). Not sure of the terms here and I am not a specialist so I may be wrong so I am just reporting the feeling you get. It doesn't feel like differential power, as with gears, it feels like the electric power is there to get you to a certain speed when you pedal (or with throttle) and it is either on or off: Depending on the level of assistance,...

Silver Flash with fenders and rear rack

Received 01 Nov 2017. Assembled following online videos. Love the 2.1" wide tires at 50 psi; they really soften the bumps in the road. So far so good! Charging port is easier than removing battery.

Most Impressive

Flash was easy to assemble and has performed with impressive responsiveness. Very satisfied with the fit and finish of the frame, componentry, and packaging. App is a nice compliment and makes monitoring and securing bike easy. If you are getting silver, it is less metallic and shiny — more of a nice grey. Flash is highly recommended!

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