Flash v1 Commuter Deluxe in Silver color
Flash v1 Commuter Deluxe in Charcoal color
Flash v1 Commuter Deluxe in White color
Flash v1 Commuter Deluxe front basket detail
Flash v1 Commuter Deluxe power assist controls
Flash v1 Commuter Deluxe right handlebar controls
Flash v1 Commuter Deluxe rear rack detail
Flash v1 Commuter Deluxe rear rack detail 2
Flash v1 Commuter Deluxe front basket detail 3
Flash v1 Commuter Deluxe front basket detail 2
Flash v1 Commuter Deluxe smartphone app with GPS location
Flash v1 Commuter Deluxe safety lighting
Flash v1 Commuter Deluxe security armed
Flash v1 Commuter Deluxe touchscreen display

v1 Commuter Deluxe

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The Silver Flash v1 is on sale now and will last until Black Friday at midnight. We start shipping bikes now, so there is no need to wait until Black Friday. The Charcoal and White Flash v1 will go on sale on Black Friday, November 23rd. We begin shipping on November 26th. Bikes will arrive about 2-3 weeks before the holiday.

Do everything on your Flash with the v1 Commuter Deluxe. Designed with integrated custom front basket and rear pannier rack to carry even more gear.


Our goal is to make your Flash purchase easy and stress-free. Once your Flash arrives, you have a full 30 days to request a refund and return. For further details, please read our full refund and return policy.



  • 500 watt geared rear hub motor powered by 36V internal battery.
  • Grip throttle and pedal assist with five levels of control (0-4).
  • Top speed up to 28 mph, see examples.
  • Range of up to 30-50 miles per charge, see examples.
  • Instantly convert to Class-2 electric bike classification (top speed up to 20 mph) with the Flash smartphone app.


  • High-intensity 330 Lumen LED headlight with 430 ft. beam distance.
  • Automatic 60 Lumen brake light triggered by front and rear brake levers.
  • Front and rear running lights provide a full 360° viewing angle.
  • Turn signals with touchscreen display feedback.
  • 85 decibel electric horn.
  • Explore Safety Features >>


  • Movement-sensitive alarm with GPS tracking.
  • Arm system with single tap on touchscreen or with paired mobile app.
  • Alert notifications delivered to your mobile device.
  • Remote check-in on battery, security and location status via app.
  • Explore Security Features >>


  • Keyless touchscreen operation and remote check-in on battery, location and security alert status.
  • Bluetooth and 3G/LTE cellular wireless connectivity included with no extra fees, account setup or subscription required.
  • Mobile app (iOS/Android) available as free download.

Additional Details

    Front Basket Specs:

    • Perfect for a grocery bag or your favorite six-pack.
    • Front light tubing integration avoids any headlight obstruction. 
    • Frame constructed of lightweight hollow aluminum tubing.
    • Eco-friendly bamboo base is built to last.
    • Load capacity: 22 lbs. / 10 kg.
    • Platform dimensions: 8" x 11"
    • Matte black finish
    • DOES NOT come installed on the bike. Install time about 15 minutes.

    Rear Cargo Rack Specs:

    • 10mm tubing fits standard pannier bags on both sides.
    • Removable side protectors keep panniers free from rear wheel obstruction.
    • Rear light tubing integration avoids any tail light obstruction. 
    • Constructed of lightweight hollow aluminum tubing.
    • Load capacity: 33 lbs. / 15 kg.
    • Platform dimensions: 12" x 4.5"
    • Matte black finish

    Custom Fenders Specs:

    • Constructed of lightweight TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) for a quieter ride.
    • Stainless steel V-stays attach to bike for secure fit and stability.
    • Mud flaps included on the front and rear fenders for added protection against road spray.
    • Glossy black finish

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews

    Excellent bike, some assembly required.


    Came fast. Headlight was damaged. Replaced asap. Good service

    WOW, couldn't be more pleased!

    Works even better than I expected. A lot of boost at low speed makes getting started really easy. Still on my first charge, so not too much experience so far.
    Surprisingly easy to pedal on the level, even with no assist at all. Had to buy a secure Torx set from Harbor Freight to install the front basket, but assembly went well otherwise. Excellent brakes and I even use the turn signals. Since I'm not very flexible (74 yo male) the step through frame is a definite plus.

    The Tesla of bikes

    Amazing machine in all dimensions and form. The only thing left to iron out is the App.

    Bike of my dreams

    This is what a kid grows up wishing they had in their possession their whole life and when they’re fortunate adults....they buy it and never stop smiling! Enjoy.

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