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Clash custom bike rack with pannier support
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v1 Rear Rack

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Looking to haul some gear around town? This custom rack designed specifically for the Flash v1 will do the trick, without blocking visibility of your rear lighting. Strap your stuff on with the built-in bungee, or add panniers for oversized cargo. Either way, no more backpack!

Please Note: This rack is meant as an add-on for Flash v1 models, and does not integrate with the bike's rear lighting tube. It is not the same product as the integrated rack included on the Flash v1 Commuter models.

  • Custom designed to conform to Flash's unique frame geometry and lighting.
  • Removable side protectors keep panniers free from rear wheel obstruction.
  • Adjustable rack platform allows you to position the rack plate and pannier rails forward and back for a perfect fit.
  • Integrated bungee strap for securing loose items.
  • Cargo capacity: 10kg (22 lbs).
  • Made of lightweight hollow aluminum tubing.
  • Available in matte black finish.
  • Easy assembly and quick release installation take less than 5 minutes.
  • Please note: quick release attachment to seat post requires the seat post to be raised by 2 inches.
  • Product weight: 2 lbs.
  • 10mm tube diameter for pannier support.

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    Based on 28 reviews
    Bike rack

    Very happy with flash -team, you guys are being recommended!!

    Rear carrier

    Using it and hoping to pack our bag for a long trip!

    Custom Rear Rack for 1st generation flash bike

    Everything is reasonably good -it is stable - notwithstanding the single member collar connection to the seat stem - an additional support at the rear wheel hub would help.
    To install you have to take off the back red reflector from behind the seat . It would be good if there were a couple centrally placed holes on the carrier back so it could be remounted on the carrier itself. I have mounted it but it is off-center a bit. The alternative is supply another reflector to mount to the left (see picture) so things are symmetric and aesthetically pleasing as befits a Flash bike :-)


    I love it! Use it everyday.


    I love the new rear rack.

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