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So far so good!

love how it looks and rides~!
Thank you!!

Brake pads

Super fast delivery....inexpensive....

Love it!

Very pleased with this bike. Pedal assist works great and the bike is fast on it’s own. I was very surprised how fast I could go on my own steam. I’ve ridden 27 miles with several hills and battery still had 52% remaining. I would recommend this ebike to others.

On time delivery

Delivered on time, 100% as expected. Flash is a great company!

flash tee shirt

Like the tee shirt, logo and the quality of the cotton.....

Flash store

Quick condition.. recommend..

Highly recommend it

I have been riding it a lot this summer and I find it enjoyable. I am able to visit places i have never been to in Los Angeles. It is convenient to get around. The only complaint I have are the mud flaps. They do not fit right. They rub on the wheels. I removed the one in the front and I adjusted the rear one as best as I could.

brakes and adjusting brakes

you guys should sell a set of allens that are REAL SNUBBY on one end. I bought the snubbiest ones I could and I still have a huge problem accessing the inner screw to set the brakes. it is really rather ridiculous. I looked for the snubbiest I could find but they don't quite get in there.

My bike review

So far so good I just wish there was a ways you have an extra batteries



Flash Fenders

replacement parts

I had my Flash hit by a car while my grandson was riding too fast for the area he was in, his fault. He was fine thank goodness. Flash was very helpful in advising him what to order and how to replace and repair damage. Had to replace brake discs, derailleur, brake pads. It seems to be OK. Did not replace broken front and rear light covers, as the lights work fine and those parts are very expensive.

Vincent Tomasello

I have been following flash for a few years. I was going to initially buy but it was not Guaranteed and that was when it was $1800 but I kept following you and I read reviews and did my research and electric bikes and I am happy to say I am ecstatic with your product I’m glad I waited and your tech-support is awesome. The only thing I could say that is not good is the front basket it seemed way too small to bother to add on an elongated the headlight so I bought a front bac The only thing I could say that is not good is the front basket it seemed way too small to bother to add on an elongate the headlight so I bought a front bag. I also raise the handlebars with an extension and change to ergonomic grips but overall five stars

As promised

Part arrived in good time, and was as described.
Took it to the local e-bike shop and was installed for $60

replace power assist and disk fpr brakes

the power assist was simple to install but hard to find the part on the website. It works fine. Trying to replace brake disks on wheels but needs a special tool that I do not have. Need to go to shop to take out screws.

My first electric bike

I am very happy with the Flash but have a few suggestions to make it even better. It should have a mirror and a water bottle holder. Also, the display would be even better with distance traveled.


Awesome bike, enough power to exercise, good electric assist coming off stop light, best of all it is light for an ebike, my husband’s juiced hyperfat 1100 is almost two and a half time the weight of my flash. Fun to ride, and motivates me to go out and enjoy the weather, I can go far knowing if I get tired at any distance I can always sail back on the electric juice.

I Love It!

Best purchase ever!



Nice fenders but...

It took a lot longer to install than anticipated. But the worst was that none of the Allen keys was included and it took me 3 days to get the right ones. First my set of keys had a couple sizes missing. At the hardware store next day I saw a set in sales bin. Once home I realized they were Imperial and useless. Another trip to the hardware store the next day to acquire a metric set. Finally, 3 days later and $16 lighter I could start installing...

Flash lighting !

Love my new flash bike. Sleek , smooth , fast and easy to set up. I did a lot of research on EBikes before pulling the trigger on this one. No regrets so far. Andrew from Riverside,Ca

Commuting e-bike

I tested my bike on a 20 miles route with several gradients 7% to 14% got home with 2 bars left on the Battery ( I paddled all of the route) so far so good. Ok will be riding this bike 54 miles round trip Monday - Saturday I hoping that this bike will help me save $400 to $500 per month ( Gas, toll road and wear and tear of my Vehicle plus I will burn some Fat 😎😎😎.

Fender tabs

Shipping was expensive but prompt. Difficult if not impossible,e to find except at Flash. Buy a few and makes shipping cost better.


Love the bike. Very comfortable to ride and plenty of power for my 215 lb frame and a few additional items. The app gave me some problems that still need to be worked out and in the future I hope the batteries become more efficient to last longer. All-in-all I would buy another one if I had to.

Safety first!

With the old rack, it covered the rear light. As usual, Michael was great installing the new rack with the extended light.