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Great Company

Thank you to Michael for your quick
and outstanding service.

Love my bike!

The Flash bike has literally changed my perspective on “exercising”. I have some physical limitations and wouldn’t venture out on a bike ride because I felt I may not be able to handle it. I now know that I can use pedal assist to get through those moments. I was riding 15 miles after only 4 rides, with limited pedal assist! I actually look forward to a long bike ride. I never thought I’d say such a thing. When I need the pedal assist, it’s amazing! I can fly up a hill if I want on only level 1.

flashbike throttle

the part i ordered works perfect!! i ordered it, it was delivered in 3 days!!! great customer service!!! i hope i continue to have great success with this company. i like the bike!!

Rear tire

As in the past, Michael is worth driving 250 miles to service my bike even though there are bicycle shops much closer. Thank you for taking the time in getting me back riding.

Love the it but haven’t rode it yet

Flash Bike

The front basket is nice but the screws used to detach and replace the headlight are very small and make the install a challenge. I’ve opted not to complete this install at this time as a result. The front wheel has been a challenge to align. I’m thinking the disk brake must have an adjustment? The front disk runs just slightly on the front break pad. I haven’t really had the opportunity to test range and recharge yet. I am hoping to see 30 miles of range with heavy battery use and 50+ with lots of peddle power assisting.

Good Bike

I've had the bike a few months now. I have the Flash City. It's a great commuter bike. I just use it for going to and from work. I only go 8 miles round trip.
Pros: integrated front/rear lights with turn signals. This is the main reason I bought the bike. Blinkers are very handy in the city. You would need to buy a head and tail light anyways. I like the twist throttle better than my old bikes' thumb throttle. I like having the fenders (even though they are plastic) they get the job done. The bike fits me. I'm 6'6." My previous bike (Sondors Thin) is not for someone my size. I really like having the gears. You can actually ride the bike without using the battery. This is convenient when the battery dies and you still have a ways to go. Single speed electric bikes feel like tanks when the battery runs out and you are stuck pedaling the single gear.
Cons: No odometer and no measurement for hours used. All electric bikes should have this. if you try to resell the bike, the buyer has no way of knowing how much time is on the battery or miles on the bike. How would they know you are not telling the truth? The horn is a waste. Not loud enough for city riding. I ended up putting a bell on mine. The fenders rattle a lot when riding on bad city roads but I'm okay with it since they came on the bike. Cheap plastic, but they do the job in the rain. You're not going to go 28mph on this bike. If you do it will only be for a second. 25mph is doable with pedaling, but you won't hold it for long. 23mph is good.
I don't like the fact that the battery continually draws power when not in use. I'm 210lbs and can barely get 15 miles on one charge. I charge it daily because once the battery falls below 50%, the speed drops off considerably. If you put the bike in full off mode, you need the charger to start it back up so I can only use the full off mode when at home. It's useless at work because I don't carry the charger to and from.
All in all, I do like the bike and would buy it again over my Sondors Thin. It works better for my purposes. I just hope the battery lasts a long time. My Sondors battery started to crap out after 2 years and 3000 miles.

Best Value eBike

This is a great commuter bike. Big fan of having the throttle and pedal assist. The app and the on board tech work well.

Excellent Bikes and Customer Service

Ordered two bikes on Monday, and they were delivered that Friday. The bikes took about 30 minutes each to assemble...super easy. The tech is great. The actual bike components are OK, but they're exactly what I would expect for the price point. Buy with confidence. I don't think you'll find another bike nearly this good for the price.

My second Flash in two weeks.

After assembling my Flash City Deluxe and riding it, I was having so much fun I ordered a Flash City and assembled it today and my wife took the Deluxe. We live in downtown Albany across the street from Washington Park and within 5 miles of grocery stores, multiple restaurants and pubs, pharmacies, and theaters, so the bikes we will be great fun for us running errands and getting exercise and short commuting trips. The bikes are great fun and will move and I am a 6’5” 245lb old D-1 football player and I don’t slow them down. Great job, Flash!

good bike

The flash bike feels solid and rides well, and it has some nice features - the built-in lights and computerized setup in particular. I wish it had better components, but given the price you end up getting a lot. I had some installation issues in the beginning but tech support was helpful, and the problems got sorted out with a minimum of fuss. I plan to use it as my commuter, and hope it lasts longer than my previous one!

Didn't disappoint!

I had high hopes for this bike. Been watching it for a while and finally pulled the trigger and got one! It has exceeded my expectation! Very thankful for all the tutorials and videos for assembly and feature setup, and riding is a blast! I'm conquering hills I never would have even attempted before, and making my commute to work is very safe with the lights. Thank you for a great product

Now I have ridden Flash

Had a chance to ride this afternoon in Albany. I live directly across from a 89 acre park and I rode thru it only on level 2 assist and was flying. And I am a 6’5” 245lb
Old D-1 football player and my size didn’t slow Flash much that I could feel. Looking forward to great fun running errands around downtown Albany.

Inner Tubes!

My order arrived in a timely manner and I was satisfied.


I was excited to put on my new fenders for my new bike, but when I received my order i was missing so parts and i was disappointed with the fact that I couldn’t put them on. I contacted the company and i am waiting for the parts that they said they would send.


Great product

Kenda Kranium 26" x 2.10" Tires (2x tires)

Flash ebike

Nice design wife love it , with there was a option to turn off flashing safety lights though

Rear brake cable only

First E Bike and I love it.

The Flash has met and exceeded all my expectations. The bike rides and looks amazing, I’ve taken it out a few times and have put maybe 30 miles on it and it’s been perfect. It got to me here in NJ in about 6 days and arrived in perfect condition. The online assembly videos were great, I took the time to watch them all, even for the simple stuff. I didn’t want my excitement for the bike to cause me to assemble something backwards etc. It went together very easy and the only thing that took a little tweaking was getting the front fender adjusted perfectly. The build is rock solid I love all the built in technology and the fact that there aren’t many exposed wires, it’s a very clean looking urban style EBike. Glad I got the city model with the rack on the back. The safety features are so cool. Love the lights and the brake light and blinkers. Can’t wait for the spring to use it more.
If I may make an app suggestion it would be nice for the app to log and keep the total mileage for the bike not just the mileage for the current ride.
Thanks again

Great bike!

This is my second ebike- I wanted a city bike for commuting, and this bike fits that bill perfectly! The packing was superb, the minimal assembly instruction videos were great, and I love the design that hides the bike's battery. The integrated alarm and GPS are also super cool.

Haven't received it yet

This product is not even scheduled to arrive until NEXT Thursday and then it needs to be assembled. As a Christmas gift, I will not be able to give an accurate review until after 12/25.

solid and strong

I was hesitant on e-bikes since I am a large person and concerned about weight. The height is always an issue but manageable but the weight is above 270#. I was pleasantly surprised how well made and sturdy the entire bike is. There is nothing flimsy or weak about it. Even with my weight I go about 25mph, loving that I actually have to pedal normally and get that e-assist which makes it this extra fast. So far I am doing about 30 mile round-trips, pedaling pretty fast on Power Assist 4 with some elevation changes of about 300ft. Battery is usually around 1 bar at the end of the day. When pedaling you do not have to engage the throttle, I only use it if I forgot to shift down on an uphill stop. This is actually pretty nice coming to a traffic stop and just stop pedaling and the bike will slow down just as a regular bike. That was a secondary concern of mine in the beginning of keeping the throttle engaged accidentally while trying to slow down. The gears shift very smoothly and easy and feel about as solid as I have ever experienced bicycle gears.
One complaint: I do not know if people meddle with the electrical connections when bike is parked but it has happened now a few times that cables on the handlebar were disconnected. I will probably put electrical tape over the protective factory cover which is too easily removed from the connectors.
And do yourself a favor. Get the best lock you can find and never just rely on the alarm. This bike attracts attention.