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more than a name

bought a bike and later some accessories, good quality, great prices all delivered in a flash

Handlebar Grips

Awesome product! Very comfortable.

Flash Accessories

My new Flash fenders are terrific! Easy to install.

Throttle purchase

Everything went smoothly

Flash Fenders


Easy ordering, fair pricing and quick delivery of exactly what I needed Perfect

Some instructions would be nice...

This is an excellent commuter rack. Sturdy, well designed, and looks great. I would give it 5 stars but unfortunately as with all other accessories from Flash there were missing parts and the instructions were wrong or nonexistent. I have also purchased fenders and a rear rack with similar issues.

Issues with this Cargo rack

1 Although a 3 mm wrench was included the 20T torx wrench (the one most people would not have) was not shipped.

2 The headlamp cable was not long enough to reach through the cargo rack. I had to solder in my own cable. (see pic)

3 The instructions showed installing 3 bolts to secure the rack to the bike frame. Although, Flash shipped 3 bolts, there were only holes for 2.


Love my flash bike seat a nice upgrade from the factory seat. Thanks for the sale

Touch screen replacement

I had to replace the touch screen on my Flash v.1. Customer support helped me diagnose the problem and I ordered a new display that arrived in 2 business days as promised. They provided a link to an installation video that was one of the most well done tutorials, I’ve ever used. Removal of the old one and installation of the new was without a problem. They included a special torch tool that I wouldn’t have had, and a new speaker in case the one attached to the display was damaged. I couldn’t have been happier when it was done and a touch of my finger brought the code entry screen back like new. Without the display I couldn’t manually operate the bike. I was able to ride the bike using the phone app prior to fixing it. I’m 73 years old and very pleased with my bike and the support I’ve received from the company. I’ve had my bike since the beginning of their production and it’s been very reliable and great fun to ride.

Great Replacement for the Original

The original charger that came with my Flash was coming apart, and the cable was breaking away from the mount. So, it was time to get a replacement. This new one was great! This new charger is smaller, the cables were more flexible and supple. Thanks for the quality upgrade!


Works just fine, and I like the lightweight design vs. the original brick.

City Deluxe

Bike arrived a day early.Unpacked and assembled with no problems.Bike operates very well.Rear rack seems to not fit very straight which I will try to address.Overall very good.I have not been for a long ride yet only a few miles. Looking forward to getting out on it at the weekend.


Fenders are great and look fabulous on the Flash Bike

i bought the part, now I dont need it

I bought charger port. It followed some good advice sessions with FLASH personnel Michael
luckily, the charger started working after the part arrived
No complaints here; I'm sure that I'll be needing it soon

Replacement charge port DC plug for Flash

Almost Perfect

This bicycle is absolutely fantastic, I love everything about it. The sleek design, the easy construction, and of course the feel of the ride. That being said the back wheel is a bit wobbly and it was missing a nut required to attach the front fender.

Fast shipment & responsive support

The bike was delivered in 5 business days, and I was up and running quickly via the instructional videos. I submitted a question through the support email and got a response in less than a day. I'm excited for my new way of commuting!

I’m a fan!!

Absolutely love it!


the Derailleur works well . fast shipping . now the reason for replacing it is
it is easily bent because its flimsy its not strong , but this is what came on the flash . so i replaced it with the same one ,

Flash City
OK, I take it back

I wrote a pretty scathing review and frankly they still need to work on the app. I did finally get it to work and once I did this is really a fun bike. I am a former competitive road cyclist so to get me on "fat tires" took some doing. I was afraid that an e-bike wouldn't allow me to pedal when I felt like it but the Flash can be pedaled just fine.

There is an update to the app and that's not uploading very well. Whoever their app wizard is needs to be spoken to, but once the bike works, it works well.

Love Our Bikes

We’ve been seeking opportunities to get out while observing the stay at home ordinances so many of us are under. The Flash Bikes have answered this desire perfectly!

Very easy to setup...system is intuitive and controls easy to use. Love how well it rides and maneuvers with the electric motor off... when we need it, the ability to go from level 1 to 4 assist is GREAT!

The ultimate feature is the theft security and GPS tracking. Allows us to relax when we get off and not worry about our bikes. L

Flash white

Love the bike. After 2 rides. There is a learning curve on how to gear and use the power. It’s always fun to go fast with less energy usage. Can go on longer distances as a result pricing for an evoke was very good

Great Company

Thank you to Michael for your quick
and outstanding service.

Love my bike!

The Flash bike has literally changed my perspective on “exercising”. I have some physical limitations and wouldn’t venture out on a bike ride because I felt I may not be able to handle it. I now know that I can use pedal assist to get through those moments. I was riding 15 miles after only 4 rides, with limited pedal assist! I actually look forward to a long bike ride. I never thought I’d say such a thing. When I need the pedal assist, it’s amazing! I can fly up a hill if I want on only level 1.

flashbike throttle

the part i ordered works perfect!! i ordered it, it was delivered in 3 days!!! great customer service!!! i hope i continue to have great success with this company. i like the bike!!