Our mission is as simple as it is ambitious.

We want everyone to enjoy all the proven benefits of riding a bike. In order to do that, we’ve set out to remove the barriers that are preventing you from riding.

The barriers are clear. You’re concerned about safety and theft. For some that would-be commute is just too far. Others have suffered an injury or hills get in the way.

And so Flash was born to tackle these barriers by building a bike that could go farther and faster, while protecting the rider from accidents and the bike from would-be thieves.

Oh, and since we want to reach as many as possible, we knew the price couldn’t be like other electric bikes that can retail for upwards of $6,000. So we also set out to make it as affordable as possible.

So there you go. We’ve designed Flash from the ground up to get you riding. And help you live healthier, be greener, and even save some money. (It’s also a ton of fun, too!)


Meet the Team

Kai Huang

Chairman and Co-Founder

I’ve been a co-founder and CEO with a number of startups including Blue Goji, RedOctane and Adux Software but none has been quite like Flash. 
We’re taking an industry that has seen incremental improvements in features and technology and building something that is an evolutionary leap forward yet accessible to everyone.


Michael Pan

CEO and Co-Founder

I love tinkering on bikes, cars and just about anything with wheels. I also love riding and designing bikes. So bringing Flash from concept to prototype to market has been the perfect challenge for me. I’ve plied my trade at more than half a dozen startups, but none has been as true to my industrial design roots as Flash. I hope you have as much fun riding Flash as I’ve had designing it.


Zach Fountain

Advisor and Co-Founder

For all the time I’ve spent biking around my hometown of Seattle, I’ve also spent too much time in a car. You might identify with some of the reasons. A commute that’s too far for a traditional bike. Concern with riding at night. The threat of theft. We’ve built Flash to overcome those barriers. This inspiring team has deliberated over the smallest of details to bring you something special. We can’t wait to share it with you!


Dave McCarten

CTO and Co-Founder

Over my career, I’ve developed technology for game consoles, airplanes, hotels, and even sports stadiums. Yet when I rode an electric bike for the first time, I felt I saw the future. It’s a form of transportation that’s not only healthier and greener, but also saves money. The technology we’ve built into Flash is exciting, as it delivers important benefits–keeping you safer, preventing theft, and making the bike a more capable form of transportation.