Flash Metro

The Ultimate Customizable Electric Bike

Designed with a sleek, step-through aluminum frame, removable 48V battery, and tons of upgrades and accessories, the Metro family of electric bikes packs a strong punch at an affordable price.

All the power you need.

3 Models to Balance Performance and Budget

Whether you're a serious commuter or just headed out for a casual beach cruise, the Metro is available in three base model configurations that vary in power and features.

As simple as riding a bike.

Three-Button Power Controls

With the power off or set to zero, the Flash Metro rides like any other bike with seven mechanical gears.

Increase the Power Assist Level, and the cadence sensor smoothly applies increasing power as you pedal. For a quick boost of speed, hit the thumb throttle (on M350 and M650 models only).

Go the distance.

Flush-Mounted and Removable Battery

Flash Metros include a secure, removable 48V Lithium-Ion battery pack. Charge the battery while it's on the bike or bring it inside with you.

Upgrade to the Extended Range battery pack to ride even farther in between charges, or carry an extra and double your range!

Make it your own.

Upgrades and Accessories

With available upgrades like front suspension, hydraulic brakes and LED safety lighting, as well as custom accessories including fenders, integrated cargo systems and a frame-mounted ABUS wheel lock, Flash Metro models can be fully customized to your personal taste. It's like a burrito, only faster.

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Flash v1

Looking for more advanced technology, like GPS tracking, PIN code security and remote check-in via a smartphone app?

Then the Flash v1 is a better option for you.